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February 11, 2019

Thank you for your replies your clarity helped. I may try to find a way that a connect option prevents all attempts to set autocommit, but still I would have hacked versions of DBI and DBD:: If set to true , indicates that the DF will clean the content of all pre-existing database tables, used by the DF. With trace on DBD:: I don’t understand what the problem is. Wednesday, October 10, 6:

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ODBC connection – large table

This parameter is ignored when using a volatile in-memory knowledge base. This parameter is ignored if the catalogue is not stored in a database. Does anyone have experience or a solution for accessing Greentree data from perl or using any ODBC driver that is read-only and does not support autocommit? If 0 default is specified then registration, deregistration and search requests are served directly by the df agent Thread.

The method is called inside the setup of the agent and set the df description using a default description. PerlMonks somehow became entangled with The Perl Foundation.

Connecting to Jade Database | Yellowfin BI

It works fine from Access and vbscript but I would like to be able to use it from perl. Preventing the specific instances is easy I have done it and the connect works but more jaade would be required to make the effect optional. Tuesday, October 30, 6: Standard Directory Facilitator agent.


Thursday, October 11, 4: Olaf Helper Blog Xing. Tuesday, January 22, 5: A DF agent accepts a number of optional configuration parameters that can be set either as command line options or within a properties file to be passed to the DF as an argument.

Runnable public class df extends jade.

Greentree SQL & Query Tools

The application on app server is 32bit. We need to see the error. ODBC, so I’m hoping there is some other existing solution. Replies are listed ‘Best First’. On the sql server which is 64 bit we install the jade 64 client which then enables us to select the jade odbc provider when creating the odbc source, however the jade client jomos.

We may have to wait to upgrade app server to 64bit before we can create connection. Others chilling in the Monastery: Indicates the maximum lease time in millisecond that the DF will grant for agent description registrations defaults to infinite.


Greentree SQL & Query Tools | Prerogative

Indicates the maximum number of items found in a search operation that the DF will return to the requester defaults to The provider did not give any information about the error. The DFService class provides a number of static methods that facilitate this task.

Monday, October 29, 2: Is this link between 2 sql servers? We are talking about a linked server, this is totally independend of your application, it depends only to the SQL Server.

What errors do you get back? Monday, October 15, 6: Indicates the name of the factory class that should be used to create the knowledge base objects for the DF. The dimension of the pool of thread dedicated to serving registration, deregistration and search requests.

This method returns the description of this df used to federate with the given parent. Indicate the username and password to be used to access jaade DF database default to null.