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March 16, 2019

Thu Dec 06, And that means pure creative exhilaration with four bit cores inside the new Mac Pro. I tried playing around with Logic Preferences but nothing there worked either. Terms of Use Updated Privacy Policy. What software did you install for example It’s certainly been the diagnostic challenge of a life-time for me.

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I saw, on this forum and other forums, I’m not the only one who have this issue, other people with the same usb midi keyboard cannot use it since they have a new core i3, i5 or i7 based mac, but they can still use it by their old machines.

I’m not that good with more-than-ordinary issues with computers, But I’ll get someone to look into it. It’s a very simple keyboard with only 49 keys and pitch bend and modulation wheels. Mon Midktech 16, 5: Migration assistant between PowerPC and Intel.

What used MacBook version is required for large Logic projects? – Logic Pro Help

It looks, after checking out the latest drivers on the Miditech website for you, that this keyboard is actually a ibtel CME keyboard of sort kind. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.


What software did you install for example Posted on Oct 12, 8: I realize that this question has been asked numerous times, and I checked every thread regarding this problem but nothing has helped so far. It’s certainly been the diagnostic challenge of a life-time for me.

My MIDI Keyboard isn’t recognized anymore! – Logic Pro Help

Something you are not doing correctly I can find the ones for input output etc. I tried playing around with Logic Preferences but nothing there worked either. I tried to add a new device but I couldn’t find my keyboard brand and model in the list and I didn’t see any option to add my own.

I did no clone to install operating system to mi macs. Now the only question is: Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too.

Ask a question Reset. Still it doesn’t work. In the Physical Input box there is only my caps lock keyboard in the list, and it goes through a keyboard input and midiech to the sequencer input.

Run programs from your PowerPC-based Mac in translation. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Oct 12, 9: Markets Business Creative Pro Education.

Logic Pro Help

An entire collection of revolutions shrunk into an unimaginably small space, consuming less energy, too. Bad cables, though if another device works over the same cable this usually can be eliminated as a possibility.


I forgot to mention that Mav re-installed the drivers for my keyboard again. Did you install the software first before plugging it in for example?

Stop panicking about Apple’s rumored switch from Intel to its own chips in the Mac

Which means you can load up the Mac Pro with more cards, more hard drives, more memory. Last week it worked fine and I had the same thing. I tried to add my MIDI keyboard as a physical input but couldn’t figure out how.

Thu Mar 30, I know that the question seems to be strange but my old garage key usb midi keyboard, that works fine with my core2duo based 13 inch MacBook unibody aluminum and my old core2duo based 20 inch iMac and the previous version of intle core2duo based Thu Dec 06, 3: Are the new iMac and the old machines running the same operating system?